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Price starts from $2500

Online Store Development By Brainlab

For six years, we have been developing online stores and implementing all needed modules & functions which urge users to buy more. We ease and accelerare online store operations using special tools.

Which Solutions Offers Online Store?


Enhancing Sales Capability

Everyone adores online shopping, and there are many reasons for this. But if you’re into sales and don’t develop your business online, you’ll be pushed out by competitors sooner or later.


Market Expansion

Non-location-dependent business. Sell goods to customers all over the country.


24/7 Sales

Consider the fact: operating 24 hours, company can gain more profit than working from 10 am to 7 pm.

Stages of Online Store



We explore target audience and competitors, considering SEO at the development stage.



We identify customers journey and their interaction with a content.



We provide design that makes shopping smooth and easy.



We create interactive design, dynamic elements, and adaptive website coding.



We launch a project with automated features, configured metrics, and ability to integrate and synchronize with related services.

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Why choose us?


Transparent Working Conditions

We provide a contract with guarantees and obligations.


Flexible Payment System

70/30, 60/40, 50/50 per stage.


Ongoing Feedback

Stay connected via communication channels that are comfortable for you.


Work Stage Reports

Track results in real time.


Website training, Tech Support

Consulting & recommendations after launching.


Demo Version of a Website Admin Panel

We give test access to explore site management.


Ultimate Involvement in Your Business

We involve in business processes and build conversion-centered design.


Custom Design & Web Development

Clean and optimized code, responsive design for your target audience.

Prices for creating an online store

Development options Terms of creation The cost
Online store on a template
from 2 weeks from 1 800 USD Leave a request
Online store on a template with advanced functionality
from 3 weeks from 2 600 USD Leave a request
Online store with individual design
from 2 weeks from 3200 USD Leave a request
Online store with an individual design + advanced functionality
from 2 months from 4000 USD Leave a request
Full individual development of an online store
from 4-5 months from 7000 USD Leave a request

FAQ on Online Store Development

🥇 What is a better choice between an online store, catalog, and landing page?

It depends on a type and number of goods. If there are more than ten items which ought to be delivered to a customer in a few days, you need an online store. If the number of products is less than ten and you don’t consider extending its range, a landing page will fit your needs. In case you sell products on demand, depending on their number, a catalog or landing page will be appropriate. More details

🥇 How much does it cost to develop an online store?

The budget for online store development depends mainly on functionality that has to be implemented.

🥇 How long does it take to develop an online store?

On average, the term varies from 1,5 to 8 months, depending on functional capabilities requirements, number of goods, extra synchronization, and integration with CRM and ERP.

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