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Developing a Juicy
Website Design

The first thing the user sees while entering the webpage is the site’s design, that is why it is important to keep the balance between pithiness and creativity. The main goal of the design is to hook the person’s attention in the first 2-3 seconds, spark interest, and increase the time spent on the website while checking services and products the company provides.

What Services Do We Offer?


Website Design

We develop a bright and impressive UI design paying special attention to the Mobile First.


Prototype Development

We create a high-quality UX design thinking over the way of interaction between a user and content.


Unique Style

We build up the corporate style of the company, create a logo, and select the brand colors and fonts.

Website Design Development Process


The analysis of competitors and new trends, research, and case study.


Working at user scripts and prototypes development.


Content development and publishing, media elements selection, and applying them to a prototype.


Construction of visuals, elaboration of layout details, and animation of the website elements.

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Why choose us?


Transparent Working Conditions

We provide a contract with guarantees and obligations.


Flexible Payment System

70/30, 60/40, 50/50 per stage.


Ongoing Feedback

Stay connected via communication channels that are comfortable for you.


Work Stage Reports

Track results in real time.


Website training, Tech Support

Consulting & recommendations after launching.


Demo Version of a Website Admin Panel

We give test access to explore site management.


Ultimate Involvement in Your Business

We involve in business processes and build conversion-centered design.


Custom Design & Web Development

Clean and optimized code, responsive design for your target audience.

FAQ on Website Design Development

🥇 What design development consists of?

A high-quality design includes considering a customer journey, developing a prototype and page layouts for all website pages in basic screen resolutions. More details

🥇 What is the price for UI/UX design development?

The budget depends on a number of pages and requirements based on a design level (WOW design, strict corporate design, minimalistic design, etc.) The prices may vary from $400 to $5000.

🥇 How many variations of the design will you do?

Our main goal is the formation of a well-elaborated design that will effectively fulfill the website goals, creation of numerous variations of pictures is not a profitable strategy. Therefore we are doing our best to conduct research, select the best decisions for design to be intuitive and user-friendly, and provide the best option that will satisfy customer’s requirements for a style and a method of providing information in full. More details

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